School Uniform

The Uniform is a distinguishing mark of the school besides being a unifying bond irrespective of children hailing from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is essential for every child to come to school wearing the notified uniforms as per specifications of the occasions. The present authorized dealer for the School Uniform is :

Jagat Jeet Traders

Saudagar Bazar, Ambala Cantt. PH. 9215543653


White dress with Red buttons and Red belt, Red socks & Black leather shoes for Classes I-IV. White skirt with box pleats and white short sleeved blouse for Classes V - XII. The pleat must be stitched up to 4" in length to keep them in place. The skirts should have a deep hem and be of knee length.


White long sleeved blouse with Red buttons, Grey Pants. Red V-neck cardigan full opening, Red belt, Black leather shoes & Red socks. I - XII The blouse will carry the CJM emblem in House Colour.

Games and P.T.

White Tennis shoes.

NOTE : No jewelry is to be worn to school. However pupils may be allowed to wear ear studs made other than of costly metals like gold, diamond etc. Simple watches with black straps may be worn in classes VI - XII only. The School shall not be responsible for lost ear rings, watches etc. Chains, rings bangles etc worn will be confiscated.

(Blouse as per Winter Uniform)

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