School is a cradle and a launch pad of opportunities for budding stars to shine in the various facets of human triumphs that awaits them, the World over. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ambala Cantt is honoured to have a well-developed, progressive resource base and an excellent state of the art infrastructure that promotes holistic learning reinforced by Christian ideals of love, peace, joy and kindness. With focus on experiential learning, the school provides an effective environment empowering each child to understand the world around her, explore it and learn from it. The goal of infrastructure development in primary education is to encourage regular school attendance, instill motivation and to improve the academic performance of students. CJM students are distinctly known by exemplary discipline, outstanding academic performance, excellence in extra curricular activities and all round achievements in every field they are entrusted upon.


Today, no doubt, technology has revolutionized education. We, at CJM Ambala, strive to keep pace with the latest technological advances. Smart Class techniques are used effectively along with conventional methods of class room teachings to make the teaching learning experience more joyful, lively and interactive. Such an ambiance has been successfully incorporated as a learning tool for students and as a teaching tool for teachers.

All the classrooms are provided with projectors, smart boards, e-beams etc. which facilitates smart learning. Adhering to the philosophy propounded by the well known Dina Belanger, the School firmly believes that teachers are like mothers to the children. Dedicated to her memory the Dina Block in CJM, Ambala accommodate the Preprimary scholars in a family oriented and safe environment and seeks to provide a holistic, all round development of their budding career. Everything in and around a classroom has a specific use or purpose for the constructive expansion of the thinking horizon of each and every student.

There is nothing in the assigned environment that a child can’t see or touch. The furniture and equipment are scaled down to the child’s size and are positioned within easy reach. Safety and security of the child is given prime importance. The Centenary Block and Thevenet Block of CJM, Ambala have a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound. Given such an enriched environment of freedom and responsibility, intellectual development spontaneously flourish. All class-rooms meet with the highest level of hygiene. In these classrooms, every method practiced and every piece of equipment employed is meant to optimize a child’s inherent desire to learn. Children are free to work in groups or on their own when they are assigned a task. Equal importance is given to outdoor and physical activities.

Here, the curriculum and the teacher’s role are carefully crafted to enthuse self-paced growth while encouraging social co-operation.


CJM provides a firsthand experience in all practical subjects. All the labs are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques, instruments and safety equipments.

Physics Lab

Science may be defined in terms of either knowledge or method. The Physics Laboratory is well facilitated with water, electricity & data outlets. The arrangement of multi-purpose areas within the lab allows project works to carry on in one part of the lab over days or weeks, even as students gather in another part of the lab to focus on more immediate assignments. This laboratory is equipped with high-tech data collecting instruments, which include digital Scientific Probes that collect data on temperature, motion, pressure, light and other natural phenomena.

Chemistry Lab

Science is known as Scientific Knowledge when bonding between the materials is understood by way of applied Chemistry. The Chemistry Lab is well-equipped with the facility of lecture-cum-demonstration tables, fixed with granite tops, which provide enough space to deliver content to students while simultaneously allowing them to experiment at front facing worktops. The rear area of the lab has strategically placed utility counters for easy access. There is a corner that contains equipment for storing hazardous chemicals, as well as dishwashers. Modern facilities like data collecting instruments for measuring gas pressure, scientific probes for collecting data on Temperature and environmental conditions etc. are also available.

Biology Lab

“The real world is made up of science and how we behave and manage our environment from natural resources to rainforest, is critical.” The Biology Laboratory is outfitted with the latest tools and techniques to enhance teaching practices. It also includes use of modern “probe-ware”, which is crucial for enabling science students to observe and analyze the physical world and gain familiarity with tools used by professional scientists. The Biology Lab is well equipped with variety of specimens to understand the life history of a species. The layout of the lab consists of a teacher demonstration table facing tables of six students at a time, which are made up of chemical resistant surface. Further rearrangements could also be made to allow groups of eight to ten students to work together. The laboratory also has a smart class system and an overhead electronic outlet that allows for convenient viewing of subject contents.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is all around us; it can’t be learnt, but has to be experienced and understood. We at CJM, Ambala put forth our best efforts in helping students understand the subject and gain mastery over it. The laboratory provides every exposure to students to learn, understand and practice mathematical concepts, formulas, theorems etc. Activities are based on the principle of learning by doing. These include identification of solid and inter convertible shapes, paper cutting and folding techniques and experiments to understand concepts that are abstract in nature. Children are also encouraged to participate in mathematical quiz & competitions. The purpose of conducting such experiments and activities is to provide students with an atmosphere to explore, observe and reflect on mathematical ideas logically and independently.

Computer Lab

Today, technology is effectively used to promote education which focuses on “Student Centered Learning”. CJM, Ambala is keeping pace with the latest advanced technology and teachers have successfully integrated technology into real teaching. Online lessons, students’ profiles, performance reports, daily reports etc. are available for students as well as parents on the school website which is updated every single day. The school has a wide network of computers in the various departments.

The Knowledge Center is equipped with six computers which enable teachers to upload homework & attendance and prepare lesson plans, question banks etc.


The junior and senior wings of the school have separate, fully computerized libraries. The building is provided with a calm and quiet ambiance where students can engross themselves in serious studies accompanied by sufficient reference books which in turn would help them cultivate the habit of reading and writing. The Library subscribes to numerous, age appropriate, gender specific educational magazines, journals and periodicals of national and international repute, prayer books, latest editions and issues of all publications etc.The School expects all students to take ample use of the facility.

Auditorium :

Quality projection and presentation of a performance requires a suitably equipped stage and the associated ambience. The school houses a unique auditorium with a seating capacity of eight hundred people and has state of the art infrastructure and technical facilities required for all types of academic and cultural performances.

Dance room:

Dance is an art form that includes rhythmic movement and dramatic expressions. It is also an integral part of the co-scholastic curriculum. The dance room provides an ambience wherein students can accomplish and fulfill their creativity and talent backed by energy and imaginations.

Music Room:

Music also forms an integral part of co-scholastic learning and is an essential part of the school curriculum. The music room is an ideal place where all musically inclined young artists gather and explore their creative ideas and hone their skill in this field.

Medical Infirmary:

First aid medical care is available to the students whenever required. The stock of most needed medicines and first-aid materials are procured and replenished in time. An attendant is present throughout the school hours in order to provide assistance to the needy.


Various agencies and individuals with expertise in the field of counseling children regarding issues like physiological and behavioural changes, gender based interactions and relationships, social adaptability, stress management and career counseling are invited to the school form time to time. The sessions are encouraged to be interactive so that children could ask questions and get clarifications. The teachers also play a pivotal role as counselors for they are with the students for a significant amount of time.

Transport System:

The school has outsourced its transporting system to different groups of reliable and experienced drivers and transport outlets from within the Cantonment and the City.

Audio-Visual Room:

The facility is a large, comfortable hall which seats around one hundred students. A smart board and an overhead projection unit provides for convenient viewing of relevant contents accompanied by sufficient audio effects. This room also doubles up as a large classroom for group discussions also.

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