Principal Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to CJM family and the official website of Convent of Jesus and Mary Ambala Cantt.

Dreams are a journey into the untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born. I am grateful to the Almighty for bestowing upon us the dream of serving the society and enthusing us to lay the foundation of an institution where the Sisters of the Community and the School Staff can come together to shape the blended personality of every student and build strong bridges for the society to entrust their faith in them.

Our School is an epitome of knowledge, love, empathy, forgiveness and reliability. These virtues of our Mother founders St. Claudine Thevenet have enlightened humanity for years and will continue to do so forever. During this pandemic times also we commit ourselves to provide value based education to strengthen our girls spiritually and psychologically, as we believe that the difficult times make one understand how infinitely rich and beautiful this life is.

Our school is blessed with a family of responsible and unswerving parents, erudite mentors, supportive Helping Staff and the harbingers of the future-our Dear Children. I believe with such a committed team, we will surely overcome all the uncertainties and vulnerabilities of life to touch the zenith because the flight of an Eagle is not judged by its size but by its skills and confidence.

Sr. Greta

Head Girl’s message

Convent of Jesus and Mary is more than an institution to me and the student community as it has been influencing young minds from the last 200 years who have gone ahead to influence generations. I take pride in the immense contribution of my institution in empowering females and making them confident enough to write their own histories. CJM has been an identity to us and an asylum to our ideas and thoughts which have molded with time into fine roads for tomorrow.

I, the Head Girl of the school came as a little shy girl without realizing that I will be transformed into a person who has faith in her self, belief in her ideas, someone who is not scared to stumble and fall and has the strength to face any difficulty that comes her way. Over the years I have learnt to make mistakes, be confident enough to accept them and wise enough to learn from them.

I strongly feel that the authority vested in me as the Head Girl of this institution comes with the great responsibility to be a compassionate yet assertive flag bearer. I am thus humbled by the faith that is entrusted in me . Dear Sisters and teachers, it’s YOU who bring all the love and warmth in this institution. You are the roots that hold us steady in every storm and we admire you for the valuable lessons you have taught us to make a difference in the society.

The day I will step out of this school, I believe that I will be strong enough to shoulder the responsibilities of the real world with utmost dignity and elegance. Today, as we witness the pandemic ready to spear head the humanity and in such dire times our school has taught us to trust and support each other to rise above the uncertainty and vulnerability to a Blue sky of Hope, Ambition and Mutual Growth.

My sole ambition of life is to repay this debt through my loyalties.
Long live CJM!

Shivi Rana

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